Midwife vs Doctor

Midwife vs Doctor


Midwife vs Doctor: Why Choose a Midwife Pregnancy?

Many expecting mothers today look for obstetricians to manage their pregnancies, but there was a time not long ago when midwives provided prenatal care for pregnant women. Nurse midwives are once again becoming popular, especially among those seeking a more holistic approach to pregnancy.

Midwives are experts in low-risk and moderate-risk pregnancies. Compared to obstetricians who have lots of patients, most nurse midwives only service one or two clients at once and use the additional face time to answer all of a patient’s questions and shower expecting mothers with support during the physical and emotional changes experienced during pregnancy. A pregnant woman under the care of a professional midwife receives noticeably more personalized attention during the birthing process. Even after birth, a midwife will continue to check up on the mother and child.

Midwives are more open to natural birthing scenarios, like home/water births and birth center pregnancies, while obstetricians are far more likely to encourage pregnant women to follow rigid medical practices. A midwife can potentially guide you through un-medicated labor, but using an epidural will always be an option if a patient chooses to give birth in a hospital.

Compared to obstetrician-led hospital births, pregnancies with Certified Nurse Midwifes (CNM) use more touch than technology. Midwives use modern medical equipment like electronic fetal monitoring, epidurals and episiotomies, but rely heavily on their clinical experience. Midwives generally encourage a more natural approach to childbirth using breathing techniques, exercise, tub soaking and other timeless methods. Naturally, the rate of C-sections births among pregnant women with midwife care is much lower than that of women who choose obstetricians in a hospital setting.

Midwives do not manage high-risk pregnancies or patients with complications such as high blood pressure, multiple pregnancies or diabetes. They also do not perform C-sections and will refer pregnant women to doctors whenever there is a serious medical issue.

If you’re looking for a pregnancy with minimal medical interventions and more focus on holistic pain relief, you probably want to choose a midwife over a doctor.



Midwife vs Doctor


Midwife vs Doctor: Why Choose a Doctor-Delivered Pregnancy?

Some women may become very anxious about child labor and worry about complications. Some expecting mothers may want the option of getting an epidural. Some just don’t want to chance having to transfer to a hospital in case something happens. Some women simply feel safer with the supervision of a physician who can handle any medical complications including emergency surgeries. Some pregnant women suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure or other medical condition. Some have high-risk pregnancies. In any of those cases, an obstetrician-assisted pregnancy within the confines of a hospital would be the safer choice.


Midwife vs Doctor: Pregnancy Models of Care

Mother gives birth Doctor delivers baby
Birth is natural Birth needs technology
Focus on well-being Focus on managing complications
Low rate of medical intervention High rate of medical intervention
Priority is Individual Care Priority is Routine Care


Midwife vs Doctor